"When our hormones are in balance, we too are in balance"

Our hormones are so incredibly important for our wellbeing. They are our bodies communication system. Always detecting, always regulating. They can influence rhythm, function and mood.

Absent periods, heavy periods, painful periods and PMS  are all signs that hormones may be dysfunctional. Conditions such as PCOS and endometriosis may also be alleviated and managed with hormonal balancing. 

Healthy Hormones
Postnatal Depletion and Mothercare

The most joyful time in our lives, can also be the most challenging. Sleepless nights, stress and mood disturbances can become more than just a passing phase for many mothers. Understanding that we have different physiological needs in this period of our lives, and supporting ourselves to blossom in motherhood with the right understanding, tools and support can make all the difference. 


Fertility and Pregnancy Care

Natural fertility care optomises conception and can be implemented alone or alongside conventional IVF treatments. Especially effective for those with irregular or anovulatory periods, PCOS or other hormonal conditions which me be a barrier to conceiving, and to improve egg quality.

Pregnancy care looks at nutrient demands during pregnancy and how to provide optimal nutrition for both you and your baby during pregnancy and after birth to give you the best start to motherhood. 

Menopause Support

The hormonal changes of menopause will often bring about symptoms that affect sleep, energy, temperature, mood and intimacy. 


Natural menopause support with herbal medicine and nutrient therapy will quickly normalise your symptoms and keep them under control, and are a very effective and affordable alternative to HRT in the time of your life when you need it most.


Adrenal/Stress Support and Performance Enhancement

Stress and our busy lives can put a lot of pressure on our hormonal system, interfere with sleep and energy, leave us feeling depleted and overwhelmed and functioning at suboptimal levels. 

Many of us are working harder, running our own businesses, travelling for work or juggling work and children and supporting ourselves to excell in our chosen feilds and not face burnout is very simple and achievable, even when trying to fit into busy schedules. 




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